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Fast and Furious 6 Flip Car featurette conjures memories of Gone in 60 Seconds 2

  • Created on Thursday, 25 April 2013 22:57
  • Written by Martin BIgg

Being a Fast and Furious film, it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing a rich assortment of swanky motors on display in the sixth instalment. We know Diesel will be driving a Dodge Daytona, Walker will be vaulting a Ford Escort MKII over highways and a classic Mustang will be meeting its maker courtesy of a rampaging tank. Sniff.

But there’s one star car that stands out above the rest. And it’s not even a real licensed car.

It’s called the Flip Car, a custom-built vehicle built for one purpose: cause catastrophic carnage at all costs.

Flip Car

Driven by leading villain and former spec ops soldier Owen Shaw played by, its angled nose allows it to flip any car that dares to cross its path, sending them somersaulting into the air before plummeting to the ground in scenes that will surely be the embodiment of a car crash junkie’s heavenly wet dream.

Indeed, if you thought Fast Five rivalled The Blues Brother’s record for most totalled cop cars in a chase, the spectacular stunts seen in the trailers released so far show that director Justin Lin certainly hasn’t lost his appetite for destruction in Fast and Furious Six. Still, at least smashing some British bobby’s Vauxhall Astra police cars probably didn’t hurt the budget too much.    

A new behind the scenes featurette on Top Gear reveals that that the flip car was made into a real working car rather than an immobile film prop, allowing the stunt team to do their magic without the use of cheating CGI. It’s a rather raucous machine, too, with a savage 500bhp engine and rear wheeled steering.

But wait, haven’t we seen this before?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, contrary to actor Chris Bridge’s awe that such a vehicle has never been seen before, the late H.B. Halicki beat Fast and Furious 6 to it some 24 years ago using the similarly-shaped Slicer from Gone in 60 Seconds 2:

Given its inevitable mass mainstream popularity, it’s a shame this will go completely unnoticed by the majority of people who will watch Fast and Furious 6 unaware of Halicki's legacy. Whether or not it would be a different story if Gone in 60 Seconds 2 was actually completed is up for debate (Halicki tragically died on set but finished stunt scenes were later released on DVD).

Still, the inspirational independent filmmaker would surely be delighted to know a vehicle inadvertently inspired by his creation will be featured in a big budget Blockbuster film viewed by millions, a feat Halicki hoped to achieve himself with Gone in 60 Seconds 2.

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