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2002 VaRaces Awards

  • Created on Monday, 30 August 2004 14:30
  • Written by Super User
2002 VaRaces Awards salutes the top achievements in car chases on film in the past year. 2002 had some truly incredible moments with movies like the Transporter, Formula 51 and Die Another Day bringing the chase scene back into the forfront of action seqences. Whether it was with computer animation or old school stuntwork, 2002 delivered some of the best car chases put on film in a long time.


Most Inventive Car Chase

This award goes to the film that added the most new ideas to the car chase sequence. These nominees did more than show two cars following each other above the speed limit.
The Nominees are:
Die Another Day
James Bond films usually have very good chase scenes, so it's no surprise that the latest outing ups the ante by having two cars duel on ice, with rocket launchers, inside a hotel, and even upside down.

James Bond evades a missle, on ice, by flipping his Aston Martin in Die Another Day
Strapping heavy weapons to a car is nothing new. But strapping heavy weapons to a vintage GTO and have it chase down a speed boat is.

Undercover Brother
A Caddy being chased by a gang of motorcycles is good. A caddy using Afrosheen as an oil slick is even better.

The Winner is:
Die Another Day
The spectacular ice sequence was closer to a fight scene between two cars than a chase. Instead of simply running from each other, the vehicles attacked one another, parrying and striking, dodging and manuevering for position. This sequence rose above the others by seeing the scene as a battle, and not as a chase


Most Destructive Chase Scene

A movie isn't a movie until something blows up. This award goes to the chase scene that caused the most amounts of damage.
The Nominees are:
Formula 51
At the end of a chase a beautiful Jaguar ends up in the ready for the junkyard. Literally.

No matter how this ends, this Jag from Formula 51 won't like it.
Die Another Day
You'd think that there wouldn't be much stuff to run into in the Arctic. You'd be wrong.

Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever
Every few minutes something blew up in this movie. Whether it had anything to do with the plot or not.

The Winner is:
Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever
Not only does the chase scene begin with a bus sliding on its side down the highway, it climaxes with twin Surburbans doing pirouettes over the hero's head. Whether you like the rest of the film or not, you can't help but to see that this sequence went a few steps beyond the norm and turned itself into a choreographed display of vehicular destruction.


Best Driving

Behind every good chase scene is a great driver. This award celebrates some of the best behind the wheel skills seen on screen.
The Nominees are:
Bourne Identity
Not since The Italian Job has a Mini Cooper been put through it's paces so skillfully. The car weaves through tight city streets, down steps, and around pedestrians with ease.

The Bourne Indentity showcased the legendary Mini Cooper by driving it very, very hard.
The Transporter
The main character is supposed to be an expert wheelman, and it shows. He tosses his BMW around like a toy, yet is always in control.

Formula 51
Some bareknuckle, against the flow of traffic work.

The Winner is:
The Transporter
When all is said and done, it just doesn't get much better than this. Flawless 4 wheels drifts and smooth cornering at breakneck speeds showcase not only the car, but the driver.


Best Small Screen Car Sequence

Not all of the year's great chase scenes were on the big screen. Television commercials and the internet brought some really wonderful entertainment to the genre.
The Nominees are:
Drive: Mountain Dew
While most tv commercials are annoying and forgettable, it's hard to forget a classic Trans Am spinning in the air while the driver retrieves a mislaid soda. This clip was more entertaining than the shows it interrupted.

A Trans Am helps it's owner get back a forgotten soda in the Mountain Dew commercial, Drive.
Hostage: BMW Films
John Woo directed a heartpounding race against the clock. Being a short film didn't stop Hostage from rivaling some of the years best theatrical offerings.

Ticker: BMW Films
BMW Films followed up last year's crop of shortfilms with even more ambitious offerings in 2002. In Ticker, a Z4 is chased down by a helicopter on twisting South American roads.

The Winner is:
The Hostage:BMW Films
The tension that was set up in the first few minutes of the film made the chase even more exciting. The hero jumps over inclines, evades roadblocks, and escapes from police cruisers while searching for a hostage who has seconds to live.


Car Chase of the Year

This is the big one. The single most exciting, well done, car chase of 2002. This award takes into account everything from stunt work, how the scene enhanced the plot, how the sequence was shot, etc.
The Nominees are:
Probably the one film that truly defines the term 'chase flick'.

The Transporter's BMW takes to the air while evading the police.
Die Another Day
Once again James Bond shows that secret agents know how to handle a car.

Bourne Identity
Secret Agents and cars just seem to go together.

The Winner is:
The Transporter
The opening chase in The Transporter had more action and excitement than most movies are able to cram into 90 minutes. Near misses, dead ends, and a tight city streets all added up to the best chase of the year. After it's over, you simply have to say, 'Wow'.

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