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Rallybrudar: Lena Koppel Interview

  • Created on Saturday, 07 February 2009 19:58
  • Written by carcrashking



PosterRallybrudar (Rally Girls), just released this Autumn in Sweden, tells the story of two women who challenge the rally racing world by becoming racing drivers and endeavour to make the big time. Set in Sweden during the 1960s, Rallybrudar stars Eva Röse and Marie Robertson in the lead roles. The film’s director Lena Koppel talks about her latest film and its production.






Tico Romao: How did the original story idea for Rallybrudar come about and what attracted you to being involved in the film’s production?

Lena Koppel: The story was presented to med by the producers at GF studios. And it is based on real woman that drove Rally and worked as vet. assistants. I love stories about people who live there dreams and that is what Rallybrudar is.

TR: Ever since the release of Thelma and Louise the sight of a woman behind the wheel of a car in a film has become a symbol for female empowerment. Does Rallybrudar possess any similar female orientated themes?

LK: Rallybrudar is a story of a woman with a dream and she is deprived of it, once she gets a car  is the symbol of empowerment.

TR: When making the film were you influenced by any previous auto racing films?

LK: No, but we looked at them all for references.

TR: Amongst automotive enthusiasts, Sweden is better known for the Getaway in Stockholm series. Is there a car chase or automotive racing film tradition in Sweden similar to that found in the American or British Cinema?

LK: Sweden and Värmland on the top of the list has a great rally tradition.

TR: To what extent does Rallybrudar draw upon Swedish automotive or rally racing culture?

LK: Of course, this film gives it a big boost.

TR: Rallybrudar  is a period film. What challenges did you face trying to recreate Swedish life in the 1960s?

LK: Difficult to get the right cars.

TR: The trailer for Rallybrudar features a significant amount of racing scenes. How were these sequences staged and what role did Eveline Walfridsson play in staging them?

LK: We staged them ourselves with stunt drivers, among them Eveline.

TR: Did Eva Röse and Marie Robertson bring any previous driving experience to their roles?

LK: No, but Eva is now a rally driver.

TR: What has the response been to your film so far amongst Swedish audiences since its release?

LK: It is on the top list here (no1 of all Swedish films) and the audience is very pleased.

TR: When can English speaking audiences expect a theatrical or DVD release of the film?

LK: I do not know...

TR: What are your future film projects?

LK: I hope to make a new comedy feature film next year.


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