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Faster (2010)

Here's the teaser trailer for Dwane 'The Rock' Johnson's upcoming action movie, Faster.
Its scheduled to be released in the US in November 2010.

Salt (2010)

salt_varacesAngelina Jolie returns to theatres in the spy action flick, Salt. Jolie plays an agent accused of being a russian spy and she must flee the authorities while trying to prove her innocence. The trailers showcase a ton of action, not the least of which is Angelina on a Triumph motorcycle, being chased through traffic. The stunt coordinator on the film is Simon Crane, who's worked with Angelina Jolie on most of her action flicks, includeing Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Lara Croft:Tomb Raider, and Lara Croft and the Cradle of Life. 


The film is slated to be released in the US on July 23rd.